Zion Matthew a HISTORYMAKER AND NATIONSHAKER was born in Durban. He was the last child of a family of seven..


While the family endured great hardship in his early life he went on to become an agent of change both in the kingdom and in the secular world.


 In 1999 he graduated from University with a Bcom. Degree in Business Management. In 2000 he went on to obtain a Diploma in Theology and is currently residing in Cape Town South Africa.

He is a motivational speaker and avid business man that is reaching out to his nation. His passion is to see people living out their destiny.


Zion is an accomplished musician and  has lead worship across South Africa. He is an  intense worship warrior with a prophetic and apostolic thrust. This ‘harp and bowl’ ministry is what makes his conferences draw hungry people. His music and songs are anointed and elicits breakthrough and  change wherever it is played. The sound is the sound of heaven on earth; they carry the spirit of Revival. He has recorded 2 successful  cd’s  ‘The Call 24/7’  and ‘The Fire & Glory’.  These have graced the  global television  screens and are used by worship teams a cross churches in Africa.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_y0ADSoDHgProphetZion feature=related


The kingdoms of this world are become [the kingdoms]

 of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever

 and ever.    Revelation 11:15

Reaching Every Mountain of Influence

 with the Potent Power of the Kingdom


After being impacted by  one of South Africa’s leading Prophets , he began flow in the prophetic and walks  in the office of the prophet – with notable recorded miracles.

He is an oracle of God accurately addressing world events and  knows what the King does in His inner chamber.

He moves with the prophetic anointing that sees nations and governments shift at the word of Lord.

His flow is fresh and cutting edge bringing a reformation and revolution to religious systems and ushering the GLORY of God .

Prophet Zion Matthew is recognized and respected in  his office by many fathers in South Africa and around the world. He is well travelled and is received in many nations world-wide.




Prophet Zion has a radio program called “GET READY”. Its an end-time prophetic voice to the countless thousand of listeners. Its a FRESH WORD FROM HEAVEN!


This radical, passionate and relentless group of

young people live their lives to penetrate the heavenlies ,wanting all

of God. This manifested in an iterant ministry hosting

worship  conferences across South Africa

and also bringing  the fresh breath of God’s word .

which brought  transformation to the Body of Christ

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